This section covers procedures for removing family members from the status of dependents under Sony Health Insurance.
Please follow these procedures carefully, to avoid making errors in the attached documents and to ensure that submission deadlines are met.
* Submit these documents to the individual in charge of health insurance matters at your workplace.
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Family members may lose their eligibility as dependents in the following or similar cases 1. When they become insured under another health insurance system, as when they begin a new job
2. When they no longer meet all of the conditions for approval as dependents
("When income begins to exceed income conditions," etc.)
3. On the death of the family member in question
4. When the insured loses eligibility due to his/her death or retirement
Deadline Immediately following the event requiring removal as a dependent
* The dependent will no longer have coverage under this health insurance system from the day on which he or she loses eligibility as a dependent. Individuals described under 2 and 4 above should promptly complete procedures for joining another health insurance system.
Documents to be submitted

Dependent Notice (Notice of Change)

Please attach your health insurance card when submitting this application.


If certification of loss of eligibility is required, enter the required information on the “Certificate Issue Request” and submit to the Sony Health Insurance Society.

Certificate Issue Request