How insurance premiums are determined
Health insurance premiums are the source of funds on which Sony Health Insurance operates. They are used not only to pay health insurance benefits but to fund activities that promote the health of system members, such as health promotion activities. Do you know how much your health insurance premiums are? This section explains how premiums are determined.

Insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums are collected from your total remuneration, which is based on annual income.
Total remuneration includes monthly salary and bonuses (paid 3 or fewer times per year).
(Monthly remuneration includes bonuses and other payments made four or more times per year.)

Know your standard monthly remuneration amount

Generally speaking, insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of monthly salary. However, since monthly salary amounts can vary due to overtime and other factors, calculating the appropriate amount for each month may significantly increase administrative workload.

For this reason, to ensure fast and accurate processing, health insurance premiums are calculated using a standard remuneration/monthly health insurance premium table, which divides salaries appropriately.

Your standard remuneration includes all pay received for work performed, whether in monetary form or in kind. For example, the value of commuter passes and other payments in kind are included in this standard remuneration amount.

PDF:Standard Remuneration/ Monthly Health and long-term care Insurance Premium Table: 91KB

Know your standard bonus amount

Your standard bonus amount is the amount of bonuses paid to you, up to a maximum 5.4 million yen (Cumulative amout, from April 1 to March 31 of the following year) and rounded down to the nearest 1,000 yen.

Method for determining standard remuneration

3 steps are used to determine an individual's standard remuneration figure.
1. Determine a standard remuneration figure based on the insured's anticipated monthly pay, as of the time he or she becomes eligible for insurance (i.e., when he or she first joins the company).
2. Thereafter, review the standard remuneration figure every July 1, based on the average amount of salary paid in April, May, and June, and apply this new standard from September of the same year.
3. In principle, the standard remuneration determined using method 2 above is applied for one year (through August 31 of the following year). However, if the employee's fixed wages change during this year, the standard remuneration calculated using the average salary over the 3 months following such change will be compared to the previous standard remuneration. If the difference is 2 grades or greater in magnitude, the new standard remuneration will be applied from the fourth month.

Methods of calculating insurance premiums

Once the insured's standard remuneration has been determined, his or her insurance premiums are determined using the following formula.

Calculation of insurance premiums

The health insurance premium rates used to determine premiums can be set in the range of 03. to 0.95%, depending on the financial condition of the society and other factors. Although in principle the insured and the company pay equal shares of the insurance premium rate, the percentage borne by the company may increase in line with the actual conditions faced by the insurance society. The rates used by Sony Health Insurance are shown below.
Health insurance premiums:
Borne by employer:
Borne by insured person:

Breakdown of health insurance premiums

A breakdown of health insurance premiums is given below:

Health insurance premium rate Borne by employer (60%) Borne by insured person (40%) Total
Base premium rate General premium rate 24.384/1000 16.256/1000 40.640/1000
Special premium rate 18.630/1000 12.420/1000 31.050/1000
Adjustment premium rate 0.786/1000 0.524/1000 1.31/1000

*Base and special premium rates:
- Base premium rate: Premium rate used to cover costs of medical benefits for insured persons and insurance operations
- Special premium rate: Premium rate used to cover costs such as aid payments to persons in the latter stages of old age and contributions to persons in the earlier stages of old age

*Adjustment premium rate:
Premium rate used to fund mutual aid contributions between health insurance societies

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