Procedures when leaving the company
In principle, when the insured leaves the company, his or her eligibility for coverage under Sony Health Insurance becomes invalid. However, various types of health insurance are available after an insured individual leaves the company, including a system that enables voluntary continuation as a member of Sony Health Insurance. This section provides an overview of your health insurance options after leaving the company.

When you leave the company

Promptly return your health insurance card to Sony Health Insurance via the individual in charge of health insurance matters at your workplace.
Note: If you notice that you have lost your health insurance card on your retirement from the company, submit a "Notice of Health Insurance Card Loss."

PDF: "Notice of Health Insurance Card Loss"

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Immediately join another health insurance plan

On your retirement from the company, coverage under Sony Health Insurance terminates both for you and for your dependents. Immediately take the steps required to join another health insurance plan.
Since the procedures for each system have their own restrictions, and since it is not possible to join certain systems after a certain time has passed, consider each system in advance and take the required procedures immediately after leaving the company.

Independently select a health insurance system

When you first joined the company, your health insurance procedures were processed by your workplace (company). In contrast, when you leave the company, you are responsible for selecting a system and undertaking all the necessary procedures on your own.
Since all citizens of Japan are required to belong to a health insurance plan, you must join a plan even after leaving the company.
For more information, please see the Health insurance flowchart for after leaving the company.

Be sure to carefully consider the various health insurance plans.

You have a variety of health insurance plans to choose from after leaving the company. Since each has its own benefits, drawbacks, and precautions, it is impossible to say that one is clearly better than the others. Ultimately, this is something you must decide yourself. Carefully consider matters such as medical treatment, health insurance services, and insurance premiums in the area in which you will live after leaving the company, then choose the plan that is best for you.

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